Day 1: June 1, 2011

Resurrecting my blog from Web Authoring because I stupidly named it after myself and, while I didn’t even write in it when I took the class, I will always be Caitlin Parent. I also feel like it’s some kind of crime against blog-writing honesty to delete all my old, class-related posts and pretend they never happened. And the address is easy to remember. But anyway, I’m on a Study Away trip in NYC for Professional Writing for the month and I’m going to try to write about what happens day to day (but I might skip a day due to laziness). This way, if I mysteriously stop writing posts for an extended period of time, you will know the appropriate time to become nervous for my wellbeing.

After 26 hours of traveling time (including a riveting 4 hours sitting at the Amtrak station in Toledo), I’ve arrived in New York City. The train was 3 hours behind schedule, which was not completely surprising but seriously, 3 hours? We then took the most terrifying cab ride of my life. I’m no cab expert but apparently a 35 mph speed limit is a mere suggestion and going 50 or 60 mph is also acceptable. It was kind of like driving with my dad, if my dad were a small, Filipino man.

My room at the International House is small but it’ll be easy for me to keep it tidy. I’ll put pictures up soon when it’s not nighttime. I’m not sure who exactly I’m writing for so I guess I’ll just write in this like a journal since I haven’t kept a paper journal in a long time and I wouldn’t remember to write in it diligently anyway.

Everyone I’ve met so far seems really nice but (warning: awkward personal details) I’m already nervous about how much free time we have and whether or not I’ll have an anxiety attack about approaching people to make plans. Maybe this will be some kind of personal growth trip and I’ll come back to Michigan and be all sassy and confident and yall won’t even know me. Or I’ll just sit in my oven-room for the month and not make any new friends. 50/50 chance.

Props to “schrinkin guest network” for letting me steal your wireless until I buy an Ethernet cord tomorrow (first purchase of something-I-already-have-at-home…). Some of the people in the group went out to drink or something. I, on the other hand, am going to take a wild, girlish fling at sleeping.


2 thoughts on “Day 1: June 1, 2011

  1. yayyyy i’m glad you got there alive with only minimal emotional damage! have fun and just fyi i am going to wear all black for the rest of the month as a sign of mourning because i miss you

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