The Big (Rotten) Apple

One more, relatively funny story.

My professor here gave us little bags with apple themed goodies inside. Since the girls I traveled with and I arrived last, we didn’t get them personally handed to us but they were kept at the front desk in a Corona box. One of the items was an actual apple. Because I was a little hungry, I decided I’d eat the apple immediately because (unlike, say, the Laffy Taffy) it was bound to go bad soon.

I took a bite of the apple. Turns out, the apple was a couple steps ahead of me and, instead of being crisp and delicious, the top part had the consistency of applesauce. I did end up testing the other side of the apple, which was not mushy, but I am now paranoid that I’ve ingested some kind of fatal apple bacteria. I am also personally offended at my professor for giving me a death-apple and hope it isn’t some kind of ominous metaphor for the trip.


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