Day 3: Something Old, Something New

Today feels like two or three days all rolled into one and I can’t really believe it’s only the third one! I woke up relatively early to meet my class and we took a looong train ride to South Ferry. On the schedule today: Ferries to the Statue of Liberty and then to Ellis Island.

View from the ferry.

If you know me, I’m not the most Let’s-Go-America sort of person. Although I do enjoy pronouncing “America” like “Amurrica” and I am very enthusiastic about ribs. But, going to both of these locations was a kind of weird, strangely emotional experience for me. We weren’t able to go to the crown of the Statue of Liberty (although, I don’t know I’d be able to climb all those stairs anyway) but we did go to the top of the pedestal.

It’s a weird thing, seeing the Statue of Liberty in person. Because I’ve only seen it (her?) in pictures or photographs, it’s a little surprising to see that, yes, it’s really that green. This also satisfied the Brain Quest obsessed, seven-year-old me. While climbing up the stairs, you can look up and see the framework of the statue and the inside still looks copper. It’s grounding to see that this American symbol is also structurally beautiful up close.

Statue of Liberty from the water.

Looking up at the Statue from the pedestal.

Because I’m still getting used to being a camera-toting sort of person, I didn’t take a picture of the framework, which is dumb because that was actually my favorite part…

Going to Ellis Island was also a weird, mixed feeling experience. I didn’t do the look-up-your-family-in-the-book dealie, but I did look at a lot of artifacts and walk through the same rooms that so many immigrants passed through.

Entrance to Ellis Island Museum. This is one of the only pictures I took because I’m a goober and got really sleepy while we were here.

Doing a search for “haunted ellis island” brings up a lot of results, and I was kind of hoping to see something spooky happen but this was at 1:00 in the afternoon so I get it that all the ghosts were taking a break from haunting. I know that’s not a really academic thing to take away from this visit, but come on, it’s so haunted-looking! Some of the rooms have areas where they didn’t replace the wall and there was a lot of graffiti there.

Spoooooky graffiti!

Spoooooky foreign money exhibit!

Afterwards I was so sleepy and took a nap and then a few of us went to dinner and then down to the Met for a spur-of-the-moment show (I think this post should be re-titled, “Let’s Hyphenate Everything). The show was called “Cinema 16” and it’s like a silent film with musical accompaniment. And guess who the musical accompaniment was?

Well, okay. Minus Karen O, which is a bummer because I love Karen O a lot. I dressed up as her for Halloween in high school and no one knew who I was. I wore a short spangly dress and old Chuck Taylors and green tights and a teacher asked if I was Peter Pan. I’ll write a longer, more serious (well, as serious as my writing can get) review of the show because there were a lot of interesting things about it. I just realized how often I use the terms “a lot” and “interesting” to describe experiences, proving my inadequacy as a writing major.

Another high point of going to the Met was realizing that I was on the same steps that Blake and Serena sat on to eat yogurt on Gossip Girl.


Anyway, after the show we wandered around Central Park and watched part of a French film, which I just looked up and it was “La Piscine”. I’m not sure if this is the movie that my old French TA likes or if she was talking about the newer film, “Swimming Pool”. This film was filled with 1960’s French fashion, excessive drinking, and long, meaningful glances between the characters. It also features Jane Birkin speaking shoddy French, but Serge Gainsbourg liked her well enough and she’s Charlotte Gainsbourg’s mom and the inspiration for the Birkin Bag so I’ll let her off easy.

I’m tired again from all the walking and being on boats and subways, but I honestly can’t complain about anything. That’s right, you guys. You get a whole month of me gushing about how much fun I’m having.


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