Days 4 and 5: Times Square, Flea Markets, and Becoming a Student Again

I’ve been trying to wake up at a consistent time so I don’t become too lazy and it worked for a couple of days. But yesterday and today were lazy, sleep-in days. When I finally dragged myself out of bed on Saturday, I left in search of my bank’s ATM, conveniently located a block or so from I-House (or at least, that’s what Google Maps told me). I was feeling confident and city-smart walking down the sidewalk until I actually found the ATMs, which were inside an office-y looking place with a locked door. After pulling on the handle a bit, I realized my brute strength was not going to work, I looked for the actual bank location. I had time before my class was meeting, the sun was shining, and I was feeling adventurous.

Lucky for me I have an iPhone so I just put in direction to the other bank even though it was pretty much a straight walk and it’s kind of hard to miss a bank when you know it’s name and location, but whatever. I am a slow walker. I was also trying not to look like a tourist as I watched the blue dot that was me move along on my phone.

In the end, I found the bank. It took me under an hour, which is…okay. I’d like to point out that the return trip was much faster and I was also stopped by about three dudes handing out Cash 4 Gold flyers. Also, I rewarded myself with a slice of pizza because I was newly rich again and hungry.

The class went to Times Square to do an (optional) scavenger hunt and take pictures for our first project. Times Square is crazy. Full of people and lights and advertisements.

Pretend this is an artistic shot instead of me being unable to take a straight picture.

My group didn’t really do the scavenger hunt but we did find a market along Avenue of the Americas/Sixth Avenue!

There was a lot of jewelry, clothes, and food. I picked up some presents for friends back home and also got roasted corn to eat.

Nom nom.

We also tried on some hats.

I think we walked about four hundred miles (not really, but it was a lot of walking). I swear, after this trip I will be able to crush people with my legs, like that villain-lady in James Bond. Actually, I will be able to kick open the locked door with the ATMs.

And that was just the daytime!

We went spent the night around the West Side/Hell’s Kitchen. We went to a sushi place (whose name I don’t even remember) for dinner and then visited a few bars along 9th Avenue including a place called Rudy’s that gave us free hot dogs with our pitcher of beer. Now, let me tell you, I love hot dogs. BUT I don’t eat anything on them. No ketchup or mustard or whatever crap other people put on their hot dogs. This isn’t really a problem though, because condiments are usually an option. But when Vanessa brought over the paper plate with our four free hot dogs, I was mortified to see that they already had ketchup and mustard on them. Not wanting to be the fussy one, I manned up and took a bite of my hot dog.

This did not turn into one of those “I used to hate ketchup and now I want ketchup on EVERYTHING” moments. Ketchup is probably the worst thing in the world. Right up there with mayonnaise and hard boiled eggs. Never again, ketchup. Never again.

Don’t let this horror story lead you to believe that I had a bad night. I had a fantastic night. A lady on the subway home thought we were New Yorkers.

Today, I woke up late-ish again. It was a free day so we headed to the Chelsea Flea Market after a pizza breakfast (are you picking up the theme of this trip?). I don’t know if we actually ended up at the Chelsea Flea Market or if it was just some other flea market because we took some circuitous route and ended up around Soho or something and then back around to Chelsea area. I did end up getting some sweet deals on more gifts for people (look how thoughtful I am!).

People were a little more scattered than normal but a few of us ended up at a cute coffee/sandwich shop (SERIOUSLY, I DON’T WRITE DOWN THE NAME OF ANYTHING). It was the kind of place with about four tables and little tartes and sandwiches on baguettes in the display cases. I love how there are a million little eateries the size of a closet around here and each one is more charming than the next.

We ended up going home in the early evening. It was a lazy kind of day and I came home and took a nap even though I’d only been awake for eight hours or something. Tomorrow we have readings due, which, even though the classes aren’t strenuous, is reminding me of how this is a class trip and I do have to complete about nine projects before Summer I term is over. It also reminds me how I left my Moleskine at Phoenix and I can’t write everything down.

Beginning tomorrow I want to get up early again and eat breakfast (and then get breakfast part II at the Wafel Truck because that’s how seriously I take breakfast) and parse out my work so I don’t get surprised at the last minute.


3 thoughts on “Days 4 and 5: Times Square, Flea Markets, and Becoming a Student Again

  1. I DON’T EAT ANYTHING ELSE ON MY HOT DOGS EITHER and everyone shits on me about it!!! soul mates

    i’m glad you’re having fun and i miss youuuu

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