Today might be the one of the best days of my life and could probably be summed up in two words: Korean. Barbecue. Really, I should just stop now but I won’t because I want to make you all feel burning envy that you weren’t eating Korean barbecue with me.

I woke up this morning (well, afternoon) feeling revitalized after my minor eye trauma. I ate lunch in the cafeteria and then a group of us headed out to visit the Museum of Sex and then get dinner in Koreatown.

The Museum of Sex is not a trashy place. It’s really intelligently laid out so visitors are able to visit every exhibit without having to backtrack and wander around floors. It’s actually kind of sneaky because each floor (I think there were three or four) is planned out so you follow the sign that says “more exhibits” without realizing that you are walking on a pre-determined path. It’s kind of like Ikea, where you walk through a bunch of fake bedrooms and kitchens and then all of a sudden you’re at the food court.

The most interesting exhibits were the ones on burlesque dancing and the ones on comic art. I’ll save my family members the pain of reading about this too much but here is a photo of a burlesque dancers makeup table.

Here is some art by, I think, Dan DeCarlo of Archie Comics fame. He also did drawings of ladies, not related to the Archie universe, but you can still recognize his style.

We also had a cocktail in the bar downstairs. Mine was flavored like rose and, as you can see, I am not going into food photography anytime soon.

But enough about this. WE WENT TO KOREATOWN AFTER THIS.

The restaurant we went to is called Kumgangsan (Gold Mountain). It is absolutely beautiful inside. It’s kind of dark and packed with tables. The waiting area also has a huge waterfall/grotto type feature which made us feel like we were eating in a cave. A delicious cave.

It took us a while to order because we (I) couldn’t decide what to eat because everything was delicious and also, not everyone was familiar with Korean food and our waitress had a kind of thick accent. We ended up eating (altogether):

  • japchae
  • bibimpab (2)
  • mandu
  • kalbi
  • bulgogi

Kendra, Cara, Vanessa, and I split the kalbi and bulgogi. The waitress told us that an order of barbecue could only feed one person but that was a bunch of lies! We were stuffed! We also got  a side of mandu, a bowl of rice each, and tons (TONS) of banchan—pickled radish, little fish, spinach, tofu, kimchi, and so much more.

This is the bulgogi cooking.

I thought I took more pictures but I just realized I was too busy eating. We also got complimentary strawberry sherbet, which was more like strawberry milk ice. The staff was really nice even though we got kind of confused with the mandu order (but they fixed the problem completely and I’m pretty sure we accidentally ate extra mandu). We also had this other waiter assistant type guy who could have possibly been my future Korean husband if he hadn’t been wearing what I assume was a couple ring. Shattered dreams.

I was so happy everyone enjoyed the food. I even used my limited Korean to say “thank you” and “what is this?” to the waitress. And the cutie waiter said goodbye to me in Korean. I FOOLED THEM ALL.

As if all this food wasn’t enough, we stopped at Food Gallery 32 for dessert at Red Mango. I kind of want to move into Food Gallery 32. It’s like a mall food court, except all the food is Korean/Asian—Japanese crepes, noodles, dumplings, frozen yogurt, etc. I got regular and peach frozen yogurt and topped it with mochi, boba, and blueberries. I didn’t need to eat more but then again, how could I pass that up? I also stole a bite of Cara’s sweet dduk (what a strangely crafted sentence). It wasn’t as soft as I hoped, or as sweet, but it was still good.

We wandered around but at this point, Koreatown isn’t really a retail area. Just restaurant after restaurant. There were a couple of tchotchke stores but nothing remarkable. Although, my favorite part of being Korean is eating Korean food, so maybe Koreatown of New York knows exactly what’s up.

Tomorrow we have class in the morning and once again, I’m vowing to start my projects. I will also be taking you on a time travel back to the days I haven’t written about yet, so get excited!


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