Day 7: Fancy Breakfast and Late Show taping

I had to wake up very early this day to meet my class at 8 a.m. How did I manage this feat, you ask? Because the incentive was FANCY BREAKFAST at the Algonquin Hotel. Following our Algonquin Round Table movie night, we were to go to the historic hotel for breakfast.

I had an egg white frittata, which was absolutely delicious. Although I got the concepts “frittata” and “quiche” confused so I was a little sad when my breakfast was not full of cheese. Them’s the breaks.

This was one of the most fun group events, even now as I write this on the 18th. We were all super chatty and told funny stories and came up with brilliant million-dollar ideas together. It’s fun to be surrounded by so many interesting people.

Radio City Music Hall was next on the schedule, which led me to believe we were going to be taken on a tour. Instead it was more like “take-a-picture-really-fast-as-we-walk-by-Radio-City-Music-Hall”.

10 out of the 17 or so of us got tickets to see the taping of the Late Show with David Letterman. We had a lot of down-time before we had to get in line, so Cara, Vanessa, Kendra and I got fancy gelato. I got melon and dark chocolate, which was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I picked up my tickets with Kendra and Rose and we ended up getting seats somewhere in the 40s (out of 500 seats, I think). Good timing!

We had to leave after picking up our tickets and then come back at 4:00 or something (dumb) and even after that we stood in line for a million hours. The people standing in front of us were super complain-y. I was feeling complain-y as well, but realized I had no reason to verbalize my feelings because I was going to see a show being taped. So, retrospective shout-out to those people: Shut up or give your tickets to other, more appreciative people.

I’m going to breeze through this description of the taping because I am on a mission to describe all the days I’ve missed and typing is boring to me right now.

We sat in front of the band, which was pretty awesome. The CBS pages assured us that Dave would come out and take questions and chat and stuff, which ended up being a sack of lies because they ran out of pre-show time so there was no chatting.

The guests were Kathy Griffin, who I am ambivalent about; Kyle Chandler, who I know nothing about except for being the bomb squad guy on Grey’s Anatomy; and Sheila E doing a drum solo (this was actually my favorite part).

The set looks much bigger on TV, the background much less like it’s made of cardboard. Camera magic is remarkable. Dave peaced out pretty quick after the taping was over, which was also kind of a bummer. In the end, I was more interested in watching the production team rush around during commercial breaks than the actual, to-be-broadcasted content of the show. This makes me sound so jaded and disenchanted, but I really am grateful to have gone. It just wasn’t what I expected (or maybe it was what I secretly feared).

Again, my day ended with me going home and passing out because I was le tired.


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