Here are a bunch of pictures of dinosaur skeletons. I don’t know the names or descriptions for most of them because I was too busy taking pictures and being awestruck by the sheer number of dinosaurs. I did overhear a tour guide telling people that there is no such thing as a brontosaurus which made me teary because that is my favorite dinosaur. I looked it up and turns out, there is such thing but the name “brontosaurus” is somehow obsolete and the real name is apatosaurus.

Anyway, on with the dino-spam.

Prehistoric Kangaroo

Don't know what this is, but it is hilarious.

I touched a Stegosaurus Plate!

These are not all my dinosaur pictures, but they’re the ones I like best. We went to this vegan hippie place for lunch which was delicious but now I want to eat about four burgers. We’re seeing Cinderella tonight, which I am very excited for. yay!



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