First Day of School (Not)

I’m going to try and keep a better log of my school year, especially since it’s supposedly my last year of school (for a while, at least). Today was the first day of classes, which I was dreading. Not because I have a strenuous schedule. I only had one class at 7 p.m. But before that, I had to work at 7 in the morning and then head downtown for my internship until 5 and then come back to campus for class. And eat somewhere in-between.

This story isn’t really that interesting, but whatever. I left for class and got to the room about 20 minutes early because I was so filled with a readiness to learn. And not fail French again. The class was empty, which wasn’t that surprising and I used this as an opportunity to snag one of the left-handy desks and read a little. Paranoid I was missing something, I checked my written schedule and then the MSU schedule on my phone. I was in the right room at the right time and it was 6:58.

This is what the schedule looks like:

Section 1 and 2 of French 201 meets on Wednesday aka today, right?

I am in Section 3.

This schedule, as you can see, is written in English. I can’t even read correctly in English. How am I going to pass French? Oh, wait. I didn’t.


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