I Read A Book!

Emphasis on “A”. Last month, I mentioned I went home for break (okay, I guess it’s not really a break  if I’m not in school anymore…I went home for two weeks and hung out with my parents) and while I was there I got my millionth library card and checked out two books: All the King’s Men and The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. I only read the first book because I think that maybe I forgot how to read?? Seriously. It took me at least five days to even pick up All the King’s Men much less make my eyeballs move across the page and comprehend what letters were. THIS IS WHAT COLLEGE DOES TO YOU, IT SUCKS THE FUN OUT OF READING.

But in the end I emerged victorious and read that book. All the King’s Men is a LONG BOOK. It’s the first “real book” that I’ve read in a really long time so I’m not sure I’m quite equipped to even make any real commentary about it but I’ll try to tell yall how I felt about it.

I did not hate this book but I was not particularly moved by it. The narrator, Jack Burden, was the sort of biased, flawed narrator similar to what’s-his-face in Wuthering Heights where you’re not sure if you trust what he’s saying. Also, I am kind of shallow I guess and wasn’t really invested in the book at all until the romantic scandal part started. I really, really wish I had more intelligent thoughts to say about this book. The most interesting thing/ the only thing that I took away from the book was the idea of whether or not a person is happy or if they are happy because they are nostalgic for a time when they were once happy. I did not really finish this thought, but I did take the time to write a note about it on my phone at 3am.

Would I recommend All the King’s Men? If you like political drama maybe. It’s kind of comforting/terrifying to know that political drama in the 1930s was just as shallow as current political drama in that it’s all backstabbing and sex scandals and whatnot.

I feel like I just wrote the shittiest book report known to (wo)man. Sorry everyone. Sorry I don’t know how to read anymore. On my list of things to do is “get a library card for somewhere around East Lansing” and then maybe I can practice my book-reading and come back with something more interesting to say.

In other news, I made a Tumblr because why neglect one blogging platform when I can neglect TWO?? This has been Caitlin Parent, worst reader/writer of words on the face of the earth.


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